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PinkNoise is a music proj from Moscow, Russia. The band teamed up in 1991 and took a Big Pause in 2003 having recorded ten albums named by letters from A to J. Here is Discography.


- ELectronic Psychedelics from Industrial to Ethnics of Non-Existing Lands - via New Age, Dark Ambient, Meditative Lo-Fi and others...
- Lead Keyboards instead of lead guitars
- Huge Lots of samplers, synths and weird sounds played and processed
- Live percussion, bells, whistles et cetera
- Truly impromptive atmosphere

MORE info & Contacts:

Visit PinkNoise facebook page. Email for hi-res versions or whatever else you might want to know and discuss about PinkNoise music and anything related or unrelated.
Some Net Noises from the elder (of the few survived):
I just listened to the new track - very good.  You are one of the most
original bands out there.  That's what sets you apart from the rest.

- Chris Edens
I checked out the new song - it's very good, very original.  It seems to 
blend many styles, it reminds me of an old Apollo440 song I like.  Great 
work!  I'm going to add this song to my electropsychedelic radio 
station.  I  just got my hi speed internet connection installed today 
and now I am able to enjoy music without the lo-fi quality and constant 
dropouts I had to put up with on my old dial-up connection.  Keep up the 
- Chris E.
From: mr_dak 
Date: 11-29-2000 13:18:30

Nice n' spaced out. Perfect for a hazy day of sleep-deprived shennanigens
Listen.com Review:
Improvised electronic weirdness from Russian duo. Strictly instrumental with bizarre
sounds that are sometimes scary, othertimes funny. Interesting mix of digital and
analog equipment, plenty of synths and samplers, but also bass guitar and a wide
variety of hand drums, whistles, bells, etc. 
- Brolin W.
Our main goal is to fit a free improvisation into the 3-5 minute song frame.
 So everything you hear here has played from scratch "direct to tape".
   Another aspect of our experiments is to use found objects and enviromental 
noises in our music to connect it with the nature and audience.
- Plitkin for Jamendo